Jessi Lang: What do We Think of Her?

I have probably not given Jessi Lang the credit she has deserved, ever.


Apart from woking as a host of one of MotorTrend’s new series, Wide Open Throttle, Lang is an accomplished scholar who, in 2004, received her PhD in Cultural, Media and Feminist Studies at George Mason University. No small feat there.

Following her time at George Mason, she went on to study Radio Announcing at the Columbia School of Broadcasting and Television Announcing two years later. I see you.

During and a little after she racked up all those degrees, Lang worked as an English professor at George Mason University. After that, she worked as a host for a show called “That’s What She Said” syndicated by Comcast. Save the jokes. Please.

Then she was a presenter on the online web series, Roadfly TV, where she got her feet wet reviewing cars.

Above, you can watch one of Lang’s earlier reviews. And although she didn’t have much experience at that point, she was fluent, confident and very much had an air about her that made it apparent she knew what she was talking about.

If you are like me, and subscribe to a great deal of YouTube channels, you will notice that Roadfly TV has a trend for hiring female hosts. Pandering perhaps?

Here’s an example of one of Roadfly’s other female hosts. Not to disparage Elizabeth Kreft, but there’s a certain, subtle artificiality to her presentation. Her vocabulary is ever-so-slightly-off that it is evident that she’s not a car person. She’s fluent, yes, but I feel like she’s reading from a teleprompter somewhere. She doesn’t quite seem that she knows what she’s talking about. Jessi Lang, in comparison, does.

I think the reason I ever had doubts about Jessi was because, well, she’s a girl. I think more than that, the issue was that all the commenters on all the videos would miss the video’s very purpose and comment on how “hot” Jessi is, or if she comes included with the sale of the car. That was what irked me more than anything else. And it’s a shame, really.


Here’s a prime example of an inappropriate and unnecessary comment.

Ideally, there should be more female automotive presenters and journalists out there. Roadfly shouldn’t be using them to attract clicks. Rain forests shouldn’t be destroyed. But we do not live in a perfect world. Such is life.

The fault is not Lang’s. It’s not even really the viewers either. Instead, it is our western cultural fabric that tells us “fashion and makeup are for girls” and “cars and guns are for boys.”

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  1. Scott G.

    Jessi is a great presenter. She comes off as fresh and unbiased with that charming personality to boot. I always look forward to her reviews.

  2. Jamie Callahan

    What do I think of her?

    Well, she just so happens to be the most amazing person on Earth – and, no, that’s not hyperbole. She kicks ass at everything she does, at everything she chooses to do; if she isn’t amazing at something right now, it just means that she hasn’t set her sights on it (yet.)

    Knowing her is like looking at the sun; a glimpse is all it takes, but to truly behold the power, the light, the warmth, to take in the full-breadth of that hot fusion nuclear reaction taking place right in front of our eyes; to truly see that, would probably make you blind. It’s too much for the average person to take; she’s so bright, you gotta wear shades.

    She has always been too big, too alive, too phenomenal for the silly boxes that lesser people (who don’t even know her, who don’t even know a fraction of one-percent of her) try to put her in; whether that is based on her beauty, her gender, her age, hair color, whatever; she is not who you think she is. She isn’t.

    She doesn’t settle for less-than-greatness, which is why you’ve seen her career take-off at light speed. In just 2 years, she’s gone from meager beginnings (a year with Roadfly, which grew exponentially from her presence, and has plateaued, at best, since she left), to, arguably, the top, at Motor Trend.

    And, to quote the bard (ok, Bachman Turner Overdrive), “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

    I’d ask what you (you all) think of her; but you just have no idea.

    Trust me.

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